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685586AN 6931 1600Wx1600H

IPS PressVest is a phosphate-bonded universal investment material for use with both the speed and conventional heating method. 

Its high stability permits the processing of materials with different expansion behavior including milled and printed wax or resin as well as conventional build-up wax.  Additional benefits include minimal reaction layer and highly accurate details and fit.

**Please Note: During cold weather, PressVest Premium Liquid cannot be shipped by ground shipping. This item is not freeze stable**

***Please refer to instructions for use for full protocols as they vary depending on speed vs. conventional method and investment ring size.

Mixing Ratios:

Material                           Mixing Liquid             100g powder           200g powder       300g powder

    Concentration         Liq : Dist. H20           Liq : Dist. H20      Liq : Dist. H20

IPS e.max Press

Crown/Veneer                         70%                         18ml:8ml             36ml:8ml                     -

Inlay/Onlay                              60%                        16ml:10ml            31ml:21ml                   -

3 unit bridge                            70%                               -                     36ml:16ml                   -

Hybrid abutment, hybrid

Abutment crown                     85%                         22ml:4ml             44ml:8ml                     -

IPS e.max ZirPress               70%                         18ml:8ml             36ml:16ml             54ml:24ml

IPS InLine PoM                     70%                         18ml:8ml             36ml:16ml             54ml:24ml

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