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Basic quattro IS

Basic quattro IS - Precision microblasting

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gebaeude gross


The Renfert premises are embedded in beautiful landscape.

Our region has high recreational value thanks to the proximity of the Black Forest, the Alps and the Lake of Constance.

Here, Renfert employs more than 160 people, 15% of whom in development.

Over 75% of Renfert turnover is made in the more than 120 countries to which Renfert exports.

Renfert products are supplied by qualified professional traders.

A subsidiary in the USA, an office in Hong Kong, and further employees in important markets bring us even closer to the customer.


geschaeftsleitung neu_1

Karl Prem (Chief Operating Officer) / Klaus Stiegeler (Managing Director) / Dr. Sören Rieger  (Chief Executive Officer/Owner)


Renfert is an owner-managed medium-sized company.

We develop and manufacture high-quality dental appliances, instruments and materials.

Our main customers worldwide are dental laboratories and dental practices supplied by qualified specialist traders.

Thanks to Renfert’s highly competitive price-performance ratio we are today one of the leading manufacturers

 worldwide in many product areas. Renfert products are renowned for their high practicability, functionality, and longevity.

This results in a high level of trust in Renfert products at customer level we feel pledged to honour every day.




 DSCN7271From experience for the practice


We constantly work to improve our products in close cooperation with our customers. The intense contact with product users and their everyday demands at work have decisively influenced the continual improvement of our products and in making Renfert a brand name.

“The day our company stops improving is the day it stops being good”. Quote Dr. Sören Rieger.

Don’t just provide products, provide solutions

Heavily associated with our products is a comprehensive service and advisory scheme which is constantly being expanded and improved. Combining high-quality products with comprehensive service and advice leads to a complete solution for the customer. This extends long after the point of sale and never leaves the customer on their own.

For example, as one of the first dental companies worldwide, Renfert has:

  • A three-year guarantee on all appliances

  • Introduced a 48-hour repair service

  • Created a loaned appliance service

  • A 10-year guarantee for spare parts (underpins your investment)

  • Provided a comprehensive information and advisory service by hotline and internet in 6 languages

Being better competitively

Renfert focuses on product areas in which we constantly work to be better than the rest.

Highly modern, efficient development and manufacturing technology allows us to produce high quality competitively. IMG 4017


“Anything we do very well, we want to do better! Anything we are only good at, we will not pursue.” Quote Dr. Sören Rieger

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