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Why Al Sawari ?

Why IceTheme Club Because we care about you, prices, service & follow up.


100% RefundWe give you a real warranty after sales for all purchased machines, specific standby ones for sudden breakdowns..



Alsawari projects is the best 

The channels of our distribution are as follows:
∆     Government Organization (i.e. Department of Health and
Medical Services)
∆     Hospitals / Pharmacies
∆     Dental / Medical Centres
∆     Universities / Individual Student
∆     Other Retail / Wholesale Distributors
These distribution channels, in different ways, are always supported with continuous marketing and promotional schemes throughout the year.
∆     To promote and sustain awareness of AL SAWARI and its different products to all members of the target market within the Middle East region. The emphasies will be on the highlighting the products, success stories and other achievements of the company to all the members of its target market.
Ever since AL SAWARI was founded, in every transactions and dealings, attached is always the formula of building relationship and mutual trust to its clients, as it is the company’s belief that “our clients are the reason of our existence and prosper”. In this respect, the Department of Health & Services is one amongst, AL SAWARI has been able to apply this formula and succeeded to obtain the trust and good connections to its standard level. As, in this further respect, the most significant feature of health care (i.e. dental care unit) in the U.A.E. is the crucial importance of the role of the Department of Health & Services in evolving comprehensive system capable of rationalizing the contribution of all institutions providing health care services in the country and directing such to making quality health care comparable to that of the most developed countries accessible by the people of the U.A.E. The Department of Health & Services has also taken the responsibility of establishing national standards to control the quality of health care provision to meet the needs of the people. In recent years, the Department of Health & Services paid special attention to preventive health by developing strategies, programs and health education to cater for the said prevention and to raise awareness and promote health behavior to the public. Amongst who participated in these strategies/programs/health education is the Department of Dentistry that provided dental services, i.e. Comprehensive dental & oral health care to various dental centers and clinics in the districts and hospital dental services, much as well.
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