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With this compact, high quality set, every type of all-porcelain restoration preparation is possible.

The most recent preparation requirements for modern adhesive dentistry, including CAD/CAM

technology, have also been accounted for.

This selection of instruments facilitates effective and time saving preparation for all requirements

of all-porcelain restorations, with minimal bur exchange: from all-porcelain inlays, onlays and

partial crowns to crowns and bridges with a modified chamfer (CAD/CAM).

In addition to conventional labial veneers (porcelain veneers), the ALL IN ONE set is also shaped

optimally for palatal, occlusal and 360° veneers.

The ALL IN ONE all-porcelain set provides the dentist and his team with a comprehensive

solution for the production of high quality, metal-free restorations.

Time-saving and effective, this set is well equipped for every type of all-porcelain challenge.


MADC Depth Markers by Dr Mark J. Caldwell, USA


Depth marking for all areas of crown and bridgework.

All-porcelain and CAD/CAM produced restorations place high demands on dental preparations.

The success of a restoration depends to a high extent upon the compliance of the minimal

wall thickness of the restoration (Teamwork 6/2007; Prof. Dr. Frankenberger

With the “Caldwell“ (acc. to Dr Mark J. Caldwell) diamond instruments, these requirements can

be safely and easily achieved.

With these four instruments it is possible to define the prepared margin at the depths of 0.6

mm; 1.0 mm; 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm. The MADC instruments have ring markings stating each

individual depth. This way you can see the differences even when in the bur stand.

With these instruments all preparations are possible, with any technically or physically required depth.

Bur-Blocks13 Bur-Blocks14    

EC-2009 Easy Chamfer


Optimal deep chamfer preparations – fast – easy – perfect.

The abrasive-free tip facilitates contouring the cervical margin and produces an optimal deep

chamfer, which meets the requirements for allporcelain restorations.

There is now another size available of the successful 879SE instrument, which was introduced

at the IDS 2007.

The additional diameter of 015 facilitates circumferential preparation of premolars and molars.

The larger instrument reduces the time required for preparation.

The two longer instruments are complemented by the shorter torpedo shape 878 with diameters

of 012 and 015.

This allows optimal deep chamfer preparation, even in the dorsal region of the molars and with

restricted mouth opening.





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