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Prophylaxis Set 1


A complete set for cleaning and polishing teeth, amalgam and composite fillings and precious metal alloys.

The snap-on polishers are used with polishing paste for polishing teeth. The reusable mandrel makes the polishers highly cost-effective.

Abrasive material is integrated in the blue prophylactic polishers. Polishing paste is not therefore required. With very stubborn deposits,

polishing paste can be used to increase the polishing capacity.

The small nylon brushes are used with polishing paste. They are ideal for use in the occlusal area and interdental spaces.

The NTI EpsiPol is suitable for use on all precious and semi-precious metal alloys as well as amalgams.

The brown prepolisher removes scratches and the green polisher produces a perfect lustre.

The yellow Unique polisher is a diamond-coated one-step polisher for composite fillings.

The selected diamond grit allows all types of composite to be polished with a single polisher.

This reduces costs and the time required for polishing.

The newly developed silicone binder, which combines flexibility with stability, can be used in

all areas and prevents damage to the composite surface.


Prophylaxis Set 2


This prophylactic set is a complete set just for

cleaning teeth.

This combination of snap-on polisher, blue

prophylactic polisher and small nylon brush

facilitates polishing. Different shapes allow use

on any type of tooth.


Universal Composite Set

includes all necessary rotary instruments for

Caries elimination, Removal of old fillings,

Cavity preparation classes I, II, III, IV and V,

Contouring, Finishing and Polishing of

Composite fillings.



Endo Access Kit

Well-structured instrument set for quick,

safe opening of the pulp chamber prior to

endodontic treatment.

The instrument set facilitates precise preparation

for endodontic treatment with any indication.

The instruments can be used for  preparing the

natural tooth crown as well as prosthetic crowns.

As the instruments are available in varying sizes,

they can be used for any type of tooth.

Instruments with non-cutting ends prevent

excessive expansion of root canals and avoid

perforation. Gates drills facilitate preparation in

narrow physiological areas.

The tungsten carbide instruments are

manufactured in one piece.

This reduces the risk of fracture and ensures

perfect concentricity.

The special cutting blades of the H23RX-014-FG

produce rapid reduction so that preparation of

large areas of metal crowns requires less time.







Composite Finishing Kit




NTI Unique Set

The selected diamond grit enables polishing

of all types of composite using one polisher,

this reduces costs and saves time.

The newly developed silicone bonder with

elastic stability enables polishing in all areas

and prevents damage to the composite

surface.The continuous release of abrasive

materials produces a smooth and highlustre




NTI DiaGloss Set

First class pre-polishing and high gloss polishing

of composites in two steps. The pink DiaGloss

pre-polisher with a fine diamond grit smoothes

the surface and removes last scratches.

The white DiaGloss with a superfine diamond

grit provides a perfect high-gloss polish on

composites. For preparation of composite

surfaces we recommend fine and superfine

diamond instruments or Finishing Tungsten Carbide.




NTI CeraGlaze RA

Porcelain diamond polishers, tried and tested for years in laboratory

use, now also available for preparing and polishing intraorally.





Or-the-dens Kit

Set for removal of bracket bonding resin designed by Dr Knut Thedens.




Periodontset 1

(Periodontal Diamond Set) Two different shapes

with two different shank lengths for trimming

root surfaces.




Periodontset 2

Additional shapes to Set - 1526

(Periodontal Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Set)

Two different shapes with two different shank lengths,

one each tungsten carbide and diamond, for trimming

root surfaces.




Z-Cut Diamond Instruments Zirconia

Ideal for the preparation of zirconia abutments and

separation of zirconia crowns.




Sets Kiddies


Kiddies with an FG shank




Sets Kiddies


Kiddies with an FG & FGM shank





Kiddies with an FGM shank










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